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For 20 years, the United States has used images of the 9/11 attacks to sell the American public on military invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan; thousands of drone strikes in Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, and elsewhere; total surveillance of the U.S. public; the suspension of habeas corpus and the institution of secret federal courts and black sites where the CIA torture their kidnap victims; etc.

Any time a politician wanted to push a policy that would further enrich military contractors and their shareholders at the expense of trillions of American taxpayer dollars and thousands of U.S. lives, the media flashed the first plane ... and then the second plane ... in front of our eyes. We have seen the attacks thousands of times, whenever Bush and Obama wanted to institute another gear of totalitarian government. 

The images of the attack—in which 3,000 of our fellow Americans lost their lives―have been used to sell death for 20 years. That should strike us as outrageous, not a sweater.

*100% cashmere

*Cashmere handspun by women in the Herat province of Afghanistan. Women in Herat have recently begun protesting, advocating for their ability to continue working as the Islamic Emirate takes power following 20 years of war with the United States.

*9.11% of profits go to Women for Afghan Women

*Extremely limited quantities